The Critical Eye
by, Phil Tarley

The Photographic work of Jeffrey Conley

Reverence. December 16, 2017 – June 9, 2018.

Jeffrey Coney’s luminous platinum, palladium prints showcased at the Fetterman Gallery, will be celebrated next Saturday, March 31, 2018, when the artist will be signing his elegantly printed book Reverence, from 3-6PM.

This book launch presents a unique opportunity to meet the distinguished American fine art landscape photographer in person, while he discusses his recent body of work.

Signed books, published by Nazraeli Press in association with Peter Fetterman Gallery, can be purchased at the event for $75.00 USD; they will also be available through gallery’s website The corresponding photography exhibition for Reverence has been extended till June 9, 2018.

Jeffrey Conley says, “For as long as I can remember I have felt most at peace outdoors. Nature has always been my refuge and sanctuary. I find the natural world to be endlessly wondrous in its range of character and texture, from moments of delicate intimacy and subtlety to the massively expansive and powerful. Nature is in constant change, and photography is particularly well suited to capture and amplify the swirling fluidity and the wonderfully serendipitous moments born of the ephemeral. Photographing nature is a very specific kind of exercise in mindfulness; to be out in nature with senses responsive, keenly aware of circumstances and completely receptive, yielding to the present. The photographs in this exhibition represent some of my observations while investigating nature over these last several years; moments that represent my awe, wonder, and affinity towards our Earth.”

Peter Fetterman continues to awe and inspire collectors and admirers of refined, classic photography. Here one can see some of the best polished photographic prints in Los Angeles. Conley’s works are masterful examples.

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