BLAM proudly presents a group show “Shift and Fade”. An opening reception will be held on October 8th from 3 to 6 p.m.

“Shift and Fade” at BLAM has challenged artists from Los Angeles, New York and San Diego to explore material as a metaphor for personal history. Tiny sculptural objects dot shelves contrasting with expansive installations that fuse with walls and windows.

BLAM curators Alanna Marcelletti and Dani Dodge asked each artist they invited to take their mediums, often everyday objects, and create art that speaks to the contrast between the paltry nature of human existence and the grandeur of human dreams.

The exhibition includes world-renowned artists such as Fran Siegel, who was recently awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to Brazil, and Alexander Kritselis, the former dean of the arts department at Pasadena City College, to artists who recently earned their MFAs, such as Arezoo Bharthania and Debbie Carlson.

In the exhibition, artists will stretch mediums, and time. Painters and photographers, such as David Spanbock and Joe Wolek, will create three-dimensional objects. Beatrice Wolert, the deputy director of New York’s Cue Foundation, will create an installation that drips paint throughout the run of the show.

The show will include two major components: installations and a collaboration titled “Curiouser and Curiouser.” In “Curiouser and Curiouser,” 21 artists each present an object, no larger than 12 x 12 x 12 inches, that tells the story of who they are and where they’re from.

The contrasts exceed size and experience by pushing the boundaries of light and dark. “Shift and Fade” allows for the juxtaposition of Hugo Heredia Barrera’s light in the form of a massive glass installation to occupy the same space as the dense black materials of Camilla Taylor.

Artists creating installations

Hugo Heredia Barrera (San Diego)

Kio Griffith (Los Angeles)

Erika Lizee (Los Angeles)

Fran Siegel (Los Angeles)

Camilla Taylor (Los Angeles)

Beatrice Wolert (Brooklyn)

Alison Woods (Los Angeles)

Artists of “Curiouser and Curiouser”

Nadege Monchera Baer (Los Angeles)

April Bey (Los Angeles)

Arezoo Bharthania (Los Angeles)

Debbie Carlson (Orange County)

Paul Catalanotto (Brooklyn)

Jennifer Celio (Long Beach)

Dani Dodge (Los Angeles)

Tom Dunn (Los Angeles)

Jenny Hager (Los Angeles)

Pete Hickock (Los Angeles)

Alexander Kritselis (Los Angeles)

Alanna Marcelletti (Los Angeles)

Bhavna Mehta (San Diego)

Kristine Schomaker (Los Angeles)

Delbar Shahbaz (Pasadena)

David Spanbock (Los Angeles)

Jesse Standlea (Laguna Niguel)

Vincent Tomcyk (Pasadena)

Joe Wolek (Los Angeles)

Lena Wolek (Los Angeles)

Steven Wolkoff (Los Angeles)

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