Round Won, Durden and Ray’s initial show at its dramatic new gallery space, packed a punch. Round Too, opening April 1, is a heavyweight as well.

“The show brings together 12 artists and links their work through stylistic and formal qualities as well as recurring themes,” said curator Max Presneill. “Although not intended as a curated project based around a concept, this show seeks to underline some of the ways in which the members share certain concerns and how this reflects the range of practice within the group as well as the high standards expected of them.”


When Durden and Ray expanded the membership of the artists collective in late 2016, it introduced 12 new artists. Most of these new members are new to regular visitors to D&R, and many of them are exhibiting in Round Too.

This is the second part of the introduction to the Durden and Ray members, and it is a chance for visitors to experience the new space, as well as three other new galleries within the building, anchored by CB1. This vital new center of the downtown Los Angeles art scene is vibrant and diverse, informal and friendly.

Round Too
Opening reception: 4 to 7 p.m. Saturday, April 1, 2017
Runs through: Sunday, April 30
Curator: Max Presneill

Artists: Jorin Bossen, Gul Cagin, Sijia Chen, Lana Duong, Ed Gomez, Brian Thomas Jones, Chris Mercier, Ty Pownall, Nano Rubio, Curtis Stage, Valerie Wilcox, Steven Wolkoff

Walk-through: 3 p.m. April 15. Max Presneill will lead a walk-through of the space and the show. A founder of Durden and Ray, Presneill will describe the history of the collective, its principles, its members, the changing nature of its mission, and its international exchange program.

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