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Bessie Kunath takes everyday materials and creates small scale, intimate sculptures and installations; hand-made and strangely elegant while still being coarsely fashioned. The pieces embody an exploration of their own materiality and scale, the possibilities in their construction, the process of decision-making and a fine

PORCH GALLERY, OJAI (April 14-May 29, 2016) Seismic | Formations, brings together works by China Adams and Joshua Abarbanel, artists whose practices are not overtly linked. Yet when considered together, as with all inspired curatorial pairings, the contrasts and confluences between the two artists highlight particular qualities

Artists Corner Gallery is pleased to present Sol Hill's "Urban Noise." An opening reception will be held Saturday, May 7th from 7 -10 PM. The works will be on view through May 27th. [caption id="attachment_9281" align="alignnone" width="576"] Sol Hill[/caption] Sol Hill is a digital wizard. For this