Jenny Hager

Fresh Faces in Art: Eight LA Artists You Should Know

A swirling universe of abstract potential marks Jenny Hager’s paintings. Intense color used within spaces bisected and slashed by hard edge lines play counterpoint to her splashes and gestural motifs. They invoke a sense of immense space; imagine Star Trek’s Enterprise zapping across their surface. The borders contain the interplay of disparate methodologies and applications that constantly reinterpret their own intersections, at once investigative but non-verbal. Order and chaos teeter at the brink, resolution maintained on a knife edge. A painter’s painter, with a steady grasp on this particular moment in abstract painting, Hager’s work is thrilling, energetic and off-kilter enough to remain in its own space. Spock would have loved it. (MP). http://www.jennyhager.com

Maladroit’s sister, 64 x 74 inches, acrylic and marker on canvas, 2014

In the Shadow of the Pied Piper2, 82 x 70 inches, acrylic, marker on unstretched canvas, 2014

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