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Todd Hebert and Jennifer Nehrbass Unveil Fresh Bodies of Work in Solo Exhibitions
July 11 until August 15, 2009
Artists’ reception for both solo exhibitions is Saturday, July 11, 5 -7 p.m.

“City and Country” is an exhibition of nine new paintings by acclaimed artist Todd Hebert. In this new series of works, Hebert shifts his focus from the large-scale close-up to long perspectives on smaller canvases. This playing with expected scale produces intimate and captivating works that entrance the viewer with the deft precision of their small details. Hebert embraces the label of “photorealistic Travel Tea Sets
DomiTeasurrealism” that his past work has earned, yet produces something that is altogether subtler and quieter, these new ovals and extended landscapes depicting snowmen, steam trains and dilapidated signs all shrouded in darkness. Still his work retains the same anthropomorphic quality, these inanimate objects encompassing the universal loneliness of night, speaking of isolation, decay and desolation. The iconography Hebert employs suggesting inevitable impermanence, his canvases capturing a fleeting moment just before a firework, a holiday or a season passes and is forgotten.

Daniel Nicoletta: Harvey Milk and the San Francisco Scene
Thru July 4, 2009 in honor of LGBT Pride MonthTravel Tea Sets

OVERTONES Gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibiton in Los Angeles by San Francisco-based photographer Daniel Nicoletta. Nicoletta will exhibit photographs from his extensive body of work, including some of his favorite iconic images from his documentation of the vibrant lesbian gay bisexual and transgender civil rights movement, as well as photographs Nicoletta made on the set of the Academy Award-winning film Milk. (written by Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black).

Colaborativo Uno (1) Nueve (9) Siete (7)
Vero Glezqui, Alejandra Phelts, Jacobo Ramirez, Fernanda Uski, Marco Velazco, Oslyn Whizar
June 13 until July 5, 2009
Opening night reception Saturday June 13th from 7 – 10 p.m.

The 3rd Zone is a space and place corralled by the Tijuana-San Diego border – the busiest and most utilized land crossing in the world. In 2005 over 18 million vehicles and 50 million people entered the 3rd Zone. The occupants of the Zone are a mix of people living in Tijuana, San Diego County and Los Angeles County.

Matt Phillips, Mario Wagner, and Seth Curcio
Opens June 13, 2009 and remains on view through July 8, 2009.
Opening Reception: Saturday June 13th, 6-9 p.m.

CERASOLI Gallery presents a selection of works by Matt Phillips, Mario Wagner, and Seth Curcio, three artists working with collage as their medium.

Helen Frankenthaler and David Hockney
June 27, 2009 until August 29, 2009
Summer Reception: July 11, 2009 5-7 p.m.

Greenfield Sacks Gallery presents an exhibition of iconic works by two masters, Helen Frankenthaler, Woodcuts and David Hockney, Prints of Celia. The exhibitions in two separate galleries will include 6 woodcuts by Helen Frankenthaler, and 9 prints of Celia by David Hockney.