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Sound travels far beyond the audible range, the known languages, signals, and noise lingering in vibrations of thoughts, memories, and experiences. Alan Nakagawa examines the biophysical properties of the unheard, the otherwise fortuitous instance overlooked with or without concurring vibrations. These symbiotic experiments are carried

The colorful manipulations of paint that Kroll presents mirror an exciting engagement with the intuitive, risk-taking process that he brings to the studio coupled with a refined sensibility that structurally engages order and chaos with organizing principles that place layer over layer to formulate emotional

Using the idea of primary but binary inter-relationships of symbiotic necessity, Kirkpatrick paints figurative landscape scenarios, which mutate into aspects of abstraction and back again. The dislocated, both metaphorically and physically, characters and locations suggest suburban angst and uncertainty in an allegory of identity. The

ORANGE COUNTY MUSEUM OF ART The step-by-step entry of the People’s Republic of China into the world cultural arena paralleled the globalization of that arena overall, and at certain times the Chinese presence in contemporary art seemed to overshadow that of any other emerging nation. At

LORA SCHLESINGER GALLERY The rhetorical but self-critical nostalgia that is Lawrence Gipe’s stock in trade has little to do thematically with Robin Cole Smith’s gentle paeans to nature. Indeed, Gipe’s thunderous, cinematic conjurations of an industrial modernism, seemingly glorifying the 20th century’s technological triumphalism, would seem