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MOCA PACIFIC DESIGN CENTER (May 28 – August 14, 2016) In a digital era that knows full well not to trust the images seen on the Internet, or even in person, it’s expected that we might approach photographs with a hint of reserve. How much of what

The Broad Museum, Downtown Los Angeles (June 11-October 2, 2016) [caption id="attachment_9893" align="alignright" width="350"] Cindy Sherman | Untitled #122, 1983. Chromogenic color print. 35 1/4 x 21 1/4 inches © Cindy Sherman. Courtesy of the artist and Metro Pictures.[/caption] Cindy Sherman has become one of today’s most famous

(March 24-June 23, 2016) Architecture and design are embedded in the way we live our lives and manipulate our environment. These disciplines combine the conceptual and material; no one can live in a structure, pick up a spoon or use a cell phone without being enmeshed

The Getty Center The Los Angeles premiere of the documentary on artist Chris Burden May 31, 2016 Even as a young art student at the University of California Irvine in the early 1970s, Chris Burden had begun the process of defining himself by choreographing detailed conceptual performance pieces.

In a relentless, unreformable state of entropy, attention is as an alembic, distilling the player into a true physical sound emitted directly through abrasive and unflinching rigor. Gabie Strong’s trans-disciplinary approach is an everyday resistance, not easily recognized as a public or collective model—such as